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How to achieve goals ? ?
AIMS : Common Citizenship, Currency, Opportunity, Education, Security
No Passport, No Visa, No Entry Restrictions in short

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How to achieve goals?

AIMS: Common Citizenship, Currency, Opportunity, Education, Security
No Passport, No Visa, No Entry Restrictions.

To achieve these aims,

(1) Form units in each and every city and village, under the banner of The Global Trust.

(2) Members of each unit to meet at least once in a month and besides praying think about other ways and means for global harmony.

(3) For spreading of universal brotherhood, organize elocution competitions, essay competitions, debates, seminars and invite leading luminaries to deliver keynote address.

(4) Arrange for printing of pamphlets, highlighting the spirit and activities of The Global Trust, send press notes and keep live contact with press and media.

(5) Create atmosphere of global brotherhood by arranging discussions over radio channels, television, colleges and universities and contribute articles in news papers and magazines.

(6) Create public opinion on higher scale and also try for government support.

(7) Establish unit of The Global Trust on global level, especially in capital cities of various countries, state capitals, and district and taluka levels and involve every smallest member of society in this activity. For this purpose establish contacts with ambassadors of different nations and political representatives like Members of Parliament, and Members of Legislative Assembly and obtain their support.

(9) Wherever and whenever necessary, each unit will contribute in whatever way deemed necessary depending upon the call of social services, like during the disasters of natural calamities. Hence, by performing these activities, every unit will contribute its services towards social welfare.

(10) Contact UNO and try to create ideological atmosphere through various arms of UNO, since United Nations Organization is an experienced and well established international organization committed towards global harmony and peace.

(11) Keep live contact with NGOs, Nobel Prize winners, Academicians, Scientists and Intellectuals of the Society and plan for Borderless World by utilizing their inputs.

(12) If the dream of Borderless World can be realized than military will be redundant and 1500 Billion US Dollars can be diverted for betterment of humanity as well as highly qualified human resources, scientists etc will be available for other top priority research purposes. With such a huge financial capital and huge intellectual capital, world becoming one, wars, terrorism, poverty, unemployment and starvation will end automatically.

(13) Create website of this activity on internet and establish contact with internationally renowned personalities. By doing so, create ideological awareness culminating in ideological revolution and force the governments of the world to take note of this activity and think on the line of Borderless World.

(14) We will aspire through all these activities for creating an atmosphere of unity of entire humanity, a Borderless World and create ideological awareness and involve each and every person for realization of dream for Universal Brotherhood.

“My aim is friendship with entire universe. There is no limit to services which we can offer to our neighbors beyond State decided boundaries. God never created any boundaries. I would not like to live in that universe which is ultimately not going to be united.”

“There is no way to Peace,
Peace is the way”

While singing your songs, We forgot you, with your departure, went way two Values of life truth & nonviolence, you gave us freedom at the cost of your life still we forgot you By knowing pains & sufferings of others you become Vaishnav Jan Still we forget you.
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