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News/Events - Journey to Dandi by way of Gandhi

Journey to Dandi by way of Gandhi

Oath taking ceremony at Dandi for Global Democracy

Gandhi Kutir at Karadi with Managing Trustee of Mamta Mandir. Respected Shri Maheshbhai Kothari, French Couple, German volunteer and other Gandhian in the picture


Managing Trustee of the Global Trust garlanding the statue of Mahatma Gandhi on way to Dandi at Navsari

During Dandi Yatra at Surat with the French couple


We gave the message of Global Democracy at the spot where Gandhiji delivered the speech for Indian Democracy at Dandi

On the way to Dandi, at Mamta Mandir (in Navsari).Children with loss of speech and hearing capacity


We also need the world sympathy today, for boundary less world