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News - Events - Go Green Cycle Rally -  From Ribda To Rajkot  
Go Green Cycle Rally -  From Ribda To Rajkot
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In view, from left to right – Mr. Ramesh Mehta and next is Ms. Nidhi Vyas, youngest cyclist and Mr. Arvindbhai Shah, the philanthropist on the extreme right
After leaving Ribda, the rally reached Intrux Ltd. The company welcomed very warmly the rally and offered the soft drinks for all. It was a very good attempt by the participants in garden work
On the way back to Rajkot, the participants visited P.S. Plywood Factory and the garden maintained by them is visible behind the participants. They worked devotedly there too
Later at Raj Petrol Pump, the participants dug the pits and did the plantations
The plantation work going on at Hotel Krishna Park by The Global Trustee People
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