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Current Activities of the Trust

The Global Trust was registered in 1996 by Founder President Shri Deepakbhai N. Vyas. Wife of Shri Deepakbhai Vyas, Smt. Ashaben Vyas, Chartered accountant also joined the trust as a Founder Trustee.
Trust started its activities way back in 1998 by enrolling members and propagating the concept of boundary less world. Trust has under taken many activities for the betterment of down trodden people since than.
The activities in right earnest about boundary less world started from October 2008.

8th October 2008.
Exactly on 8 October Founder President Shri Deepak Vyas reached to U.N.O. Headquarters & before headquarter delivered speech on boundary less world. He propagated the theme with facts and figures & established the need for single united world under one Government.

26th November 2008.
On 26/11/08, there was worst terrorist attack on Mumbai, Taj & Oberoi hotels. People were seized as hostages. Occupant were kept under gunpoint & ultimately freed by Black Cat commandos. Among utter chaos and smouldering Taj, Shri Deepak Vyas accompanied by his 9 years old daughter & 18 years old son visited Taj to pay homage to departed souls. Sacred Gangajal was sprinkled, Hymns of Holy Book Gitaji were chanted and atmosphere was purified - A great noble gesture.



30th January, 2009.
On 30/1/09 Mahatma Gandhi’s Nirvan Din, martyr’s day at Porbandar, birth place of Gandhiji, Kirtimandir a prayer meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. to pay homage to Bapu. Immediately after prayer meeting, The Global Trust meeting started & lamp was lit before Bapu’s photograph by representatives of different religion. This meet was organized and conducted by chief patron Shri Sureshbhai Kothari. A power point presentation on theme of boundary less world was made, trustees gave speeches. A Himalayan Yogi, Swami Shivananda, Kashmiri Sanyasi, Gyaniji of Sikh Gurudwara, fathers & sisters of Rajkot diacoses & of Porbandar unit, Maulanaji graced the occasion .The meeting was also blessed by Respected Shri Rameshbhai Oza Bhagvat kathakar & Dr.Sri Haribhai Kothari,a known philosopher and Spiritual Thinker. Meeting was attended by cross section of society, people were greatly  impressed by the concept of boundaryless world .


2nd February to 6th February 2009.
A French couple Mr. Bernard, Mrs. Medaline visited India specifically to undertake Dandi March, from Sabarmati to Dandi. Founder President Shri Deepak Vyas joined them from Surat on 2nd February, 09 and reached Dandi on 6th February 09. The remarkable thing is marchers undertook the same route, stayed & halted at the same places as was followed by Gandhiji. During march they propagated the causes of Global peace & democracy.


24th February, 2009.
An American born, Mr. Jeff Knebbel self proclaimed free citizen & propagator of world without government has settled at Pune. Trustees Shri Deepakbhai & Swami Vishvanand went Pune to meet him & had heart to heart talk about boundary less world.

26th & 27th February, 2009.
In February,09 Respected Moraribapu arranged “Sadbhavna Parva” of 3 days at Mahuva for world peace. The congregation was addressed by many religious leaders. It was attended by Founder President Shri Deepakbhai & other trustee Swami Vishwanand. They had very good interaction with all the speakers specially Respected Narayanbhai Desai, son of Mahadevbhai Desai, Secretary of Gandhiji. Narayanbhai is a known Gandhi katha orator.

March-April 2009.
During these days we were busy in preparing material for the web site. As we want to launch the website on 7th July, 2009 we were compiling the things.

On 10th May,09 a “Sarvarog Nidan Camp”, medical camp together with Yoga exhibition & Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan was arranged in slum area of Rajkot. 10-12 doctors rendered their services. One Yogacharya, namely Swami Shradhanand and doctor Makwana extracted teeth by ancient system of Jalandhar bandh. Yoga Camp was attended by more than 150 patients.

In the month of June’09 lecture series about world democracy was started. The trust started its lecture series from Sardar Patel VidyaMandir and Leuva Patel boarding. This institution have more than 1200 students on their role. Trustee Shri Shamjibhai Khunt, Principal Shri Bhesania & Shri Kantibhai Bhut Grahpati of boarding school were very much impressed with concept of boundary less world. They arranged power point presentation and speech on boundary less world. 5 batches of nearly 200 students each were addressed by Founder Trustee Deepakbhai, Swami Viswanand, Prof Shri Lalit Chande & trustee Miss Butani. Students took keen interest in the question answer session.


18th June, 2009.
Leading Daily newspaper of Saurashtra “Phulchhab”, came into publication before Independence by Zaverchand Meghani, Rashtriya Shayar. Reporter of the newspaper Shri Hemen Bhatt interviewed Founder President Shri Deepakbhai and gave wide publicity to this concept by publishing full interview with photographs.


7th July, 2009.
Website which was prepared by us after painstaking efforts was launched on 07/07/09 “Gurupurnima” day by  Shri Vasantbhai Pathak. Shri Vasantbhai is a founder owner & principal of Pathak Schools. A very dignified function to launch the website was arranged in the school premises. Teachers, students & trustees of The Global Trust were present. A theme of boundary less world was highlighted by power point presentation. Very awaking & heart throbbing talk was shared by Shri Vasantbhai in the function. Founder Trustee Deepakbhai & other trustees spoke on the occasion. Trustee Smt. Ashaben offered vote of thanks.


16th July, 2009.
Lecture series for school & college students which was started in June was continued in July’09 also. On 16/7, lecture was delivered at Sanskrit Bhawan of Saurashtra University. Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Prof. Dr. Chotalia blessed in the lecture.


17th July, 2009.
On 17/7 lecture was delivered at Psychology Bhawan of Saurashtra University. Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Bhatt & Dr. Jogsan blessed. Students participation was lively.


24th July, 2009.
On 24/7/09 Modi school, renown school for science stream in Rajkot was visited by the trustees of The Global Trust. Principal Shri Vimal Kagathara and staff member, Shri Himanshubhai arranged lecture for 200 to 250 students. Here also interaction was lively.


28th September, 2009.
The trust’s vision is to have boundary less world, a free democracy with no restrictions & abolition of military, as a long term goal. Working in that direction it was decided to undertake Global Peace March. It was decided to take the march up to the ultimate destination UNO Head quarters. March was started from a small village of morwada to vadia on 28th Sept.09. March was undertaken by trustees Shri Deepakbhai Vyas, trustee Swami Viswanand and Dr.Ramesh Salwar. March was a great success. Villagers on the beats of drum offered welcome with horses. Small girls offered traditional welcome by offering kumkum tilak on foreheads of marchers. There was group of singers, singing devotional songs. The atmosphere was of great carnival & idea of boundary less world was well received.


4th October, 2009.
The march was again undertaken from Vadia to Gomta, 31 kms, walking whole night. Arranging meets on way to Gomta, at Vadia Devdi, Bantwa Devdi & Devda, Nilakha & Navagam. The march was started from vadia in the evening at 4:45p.m. on 4th October and reached Gomta at 3:30 a.m. on the 5th October in the morning.
These marches are precursor to our long term aim of UNO Headquarters in future.


5th to 16th October, 2009.
Meanwhile CMS School of Lucknow sent us the literature of child right activists & 13 persons selected as world child right propagators. As the literature was in English we in order to make it easy for children’s grasp translated highlights of each nominated person & gave lectures at different schools in Rajkot namely, Shri Murlidhar Vidyalaya, Shri Bansidhar Kanya Vidyalaya, Shri Mohandas Gandhi Vidyalaya, Sardar Patel Vidyamandir & Modi School. After the lectures we arranged a voting program for selection of  13 child right activists in all the schools. We declared the result of this voting on 16th October, 2009 and send the results to CMS, Lucknow.


27th October, 2009.
The march was again undertaken from Gomta to Gondal, 15 kms, walking whole night. Marchers arranged meets on way with villagers and discussed the idea about world democracy.

1st November, 2009.
The march was again undertaken from Gondal to Ribda, 18 kms, walking whole night. Marchers arranged meets on way with villagers and discussed the idea about world democracy.
The journey continues…..

30th January, 2010.
A meet of Local NGO of Rajkot was arranged by The Global Trust, dedicated to borderless world, on Gandhi Nirvan din, 30/01/2010 in the auditorium of Atmiya College.
Under the direct supervision & with full cooperation, support & blessings of Shri Tyag Vallabh Swami the meet started at 2-00 pm. More than 125 NGOs of Rajkot ranging from most experienced organizations like LIFE to one man effective show, were invited for this meet. In the history of Rajkot nobody has initiated this type of meet. The Global Trust undertook the stupendous task of bringing various NGOs on single platform. The task was supported very nicely by Res. Shri Nalinbhai Zaveri.
In the presence of religious representatives & representatives of NGOs the auspicious beginning of meet was conducted in a unique way. Instead of traditional lamp lighting, the members were provided earthen lamps & everybody lit the lamp simultaneously, the scene was so pious that automatically a prayer of “Lead Kindly Light” came to the lips.

The meet started with small but very effective drama “RACE” on global warming & ecological balance. Everybody was highly impressed. The drama was followed by welcome speech of Prof. Lalit Chande of T.N.Rao College, who was also comperor of the function. The floral welcome by bouquet was extended by founder trustee Smt Ashaben Vyas. (C.A.)
Ms. Butani, trustee of The Global Trust, gave small speech on the purpose of meet, i.e. NGO to meet each other, know each other, discuss the problems & difficulties faced by them in their working area & get the guidance from experienced & well established NGOs.
Guest of honour Shri P.P.Vyas, Dy Municipal Commissioner delivered very lucid & impressive speech. Shri Deepak Vyas, founder president of The Global Trust made Power Point presentation to explain the concept of The Global Trust, its information & idea behind the concept.
After power point presentation Shri Vasantbhai Pathak, founder principal of Pathak Schools, gave very very effective speech & explained the theme of borderless world to which The Global Trust is committed.
Since it was Nirvan Din of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, exactly at 05:17 pm two minute silence was observed followed by emotional and sensitive bhajans sung by inmates of Andh Mahila Vikas Gruh.
Very well known environmentalist & human rights activist, the founder president of Sadbhavna Trust, Shri Aniruddhsinh Jadeja took up the responsibility of coordination between various NGOs. The NGOs were distributed in 3 groups as per their activities & one group was of religious leaders. Each group was given 40 minutes to discuss among them selves and then team leader was to present report by coming on stage with team members.
The unique attraction of meet was the group of leaders of Vohra Samaj, Muslim Maulana & followers group, Hindu Saints, the head of Rajkot. Diocese of Christian missionary institute H H Bishop Gregory Corentemple. The religious leaders also discussed among themselves the ways & means of the Global Peace & brotherhood & how an individual can contribute in it. H H Bishop Gregory talked about educational & Aids prevention activities being done by their trust.
The meet ended with vote of thanks offered by trustee Swami Vishwanand who also summed up the program by elaborating the future 3 years plan of The Global Trust. The representative appreciated the initiative taken by The Global Trust of assembling the NGOs on common platform & the emphasize was given to do some activity collectively in future on common platform, for that need was expressed of meeting off & on & working out some strategy.
The entire meet was conducted by Prof. Lalit Chande very very effectively.
The meet ended with buffet dinner in very cordial atmosphere.
Cycle rally as part of ongoing World march which has been undertaken form Morvada to Ribda, it was decided to arrange cycle rally instead of foot March. On 25th of April nearly 25 participants inclusive of 4 children aged 9 to 10 years cycled from Ribda to Rajkot. The rally was flagged off by Shri BhagirathSinh Jadeja as representative of Shri Mahipatsinh Jadeja Ex. MLA of Gondal . On way to Rajkot tree plantation was done at 4 places - Ribda petrol Pump, Ribda Hotel , Raj Petrol Pump & Krishna Park Hotel.
Rally visited two to three industrial sheds also & motivated them for plantation. Gujarat Intrux Ltd. earmarked one plot for plantation. They promised that they will take care & nurture the plants in dedicated way.
Participants were offered traditional welcome at Krishna park with kum kum Tilak on forehead. The trustees Shri Deepak Vyas & Smt. Ashaben Vyas & their young girl aged 11 years who also cycled down & Swami Vishwanand with other very enthusiastic volunteers made first cycle rally very very successful.
In Consistent with the aims of world peace & Global brotherhood and to upheld the pious principal of Hindu – Muslim unity, on the birth date of Paygamber Saheb, Ide Milad, huge procession was taken out by Muslim samaj. The volunteers of Global Trust joined with the procession with banners of congratulation to Muslim community. The volunteers spared entire day with the procession, The leaders of Muslim community whole heartedly appreciated the gesture on part of The Global Trust.
On the occasion of prophet Mohammad’s birth date a medical camp & blood donation camp was arranged at Gebansha Pir’s Dargah. Volunteers of Global Trust extended whole hearted support to the camp, offered their services during the time of camp & exhibited the rare example of Hindu Muslim unity.
On the occasion of visit of H.H. Dr.Sydene Saheb, the religious head of Daoodi Vohra Community of Rajkot city , Global Trust welcomed him whole heartily & again bid fare well to him at Airport. Thus Global Trust joined in the communication of message of World peace.