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About Trust - Introduction
The Global Trust was registered on 23/02/1996 under The Trust Act. We are a group of people passionate about the idea of “The Whole World as a Global Village”.

Our Aim is

1. To see the entire world united under one Government, which will comprise of well qualified and deserving people. Wide pool of talented resources will be available for selection for these cadres.

2. To have common currency, common flag, common citizenship along with no passport, no visa requirements and free movement of people from one corner of world to another corner.

3. To scale down the military forces at various boundaries of the countries: If the above dream is materialized, then the military defense and arms & ammunition factories will become redundant. This will implicate into reserves of huge capital which can be utilized towards the human welfare activities like improving the pressing & burning problems of education, health, hunger, sanitation, etc, and technically highly qualified human resources can be deployed to improve upon the technological aspects to galvanize the alternative energy sources, alternate fuel etc.

4. World without criminalism & terrorism

Background in brief:

In 1996 an idea of “Boundaryless World” was conceived. Perhaps it seems to be a lofty idea, but sustained convicted efforts & persistent trials may make this concept into a reality.

One can ask that when it is really difficult to manage an individual country with diverse forces pulling it apart from all sides, how the entire world, if united, would be managed? For the sake of argument, let us visualize one world without any borders and boundaries; now just imagine that right from all the seven continents, such a huge pool of talented resources will be available for synergizing the idea of the Global Government formation. If not at the global level, it can also be formed as a loose confederation, but nonetheless the inclusion of all the countries will be must.


In the recent scenario, instead of full fledged war, we are facing the sporadic incidents like the conflicts in Israel – Hamas, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA (pre USA-Iraq war) which are on the minor scale. The worst scourge today being faced by world is Terrorism. Because the world leaders have become sensible, war is very distant possibility.

Even when the war is distant possibility, each country has been spending millions of dollars on military establishment, on maintenance of army, navy & air force. To earmark the budget of million dollars each year for that purpose, every country’s economy is weighed down. Also, along with that the defense forces are to be kept updated. The arms ammunition, latest resources for making it superior, also requires a huge financial support. All around the world, research institutes with best possible talented scientists, engineers, and aerospace scientists constitute 50% of scientific community. If the concept of world getting united becomes veracity, by one sweep the military & defense research will become redundant. Huge human as well as financial capital will be available & can be diverted for other vital problems.


Let us have a look at facts & figures. World GDP is US $ 63202607 millions. Population is 6,55,68,37,930 and of this total population 53.67% live below poverty line, 14.91% of people with per capita income of 1 dollar per day & 38.76% on 2 dollars per day. It is practically starving community without even able to earn basic livelihood necessities like bread and butter, sanitation, health, primary education, etc. which is a very depressing scenario. The implication of this depressing scenario is evident in fights between haves & have nots. Criminal world right from petty thieves to hard core criminals, drug abusers, drug peddlers & other innumerable crimes are also the outcomes of that scenario. USA & Germany have witnessed children gunning down their colleague cold bloodedly. At night many areas of the world are not safe at all for moving out. Death is lurking and looming from all corners.

The abject poverty, from lack of education & purpose in life not only breed criminals but also breeds terrorism. Young generation with no motives, no work, no objective, no employment, no education are being brain washed by religious fanatics with promises of giving mere few hundred thousands of money and make them suicide bombers through various trainings like robots without any humane feelings. For them, the human blood is like water & their own life is of no significance because they commit hara-kiri. We cannot even imagine how many of these youngsters are being grown up today on the venom of hatred & with the view that certain communities, people or even nations are to be conquered or abolished from earth by terrorizing people without any limits of fanatics. Now for a moment, if we consider that 90% of military establishments are abolished and only 10% are to be kept in reserve for natural calamities and for civil unrest, then 90% of defense expenses will be spared & 40% of human resources will be made free for other purpose towards the humanity.

The world military budget of US $ 15,00,000 million will be spared & if 40% of technically highly qualified human resources is diverted towards the societies’ good then we will be able to allocate US $ 1,525.70 per year( 4.18 US$ per day) as an extra amount for down trodden.

When the world gets united - huge natural resources also will be at the service of entire mankind. At present different natural sources are comprised in different regions of various countries. Naturally the respective region or country has sole rights over those resources. Uneven distribution of resources creates lots of problems for many regions. With the pool of resources getting free from the clutch of the countries, a system can be developed whereby all regions will enjoy equal accessibility to these resources.

These resources can be used to provide respectable two square meals to 53.67% of population. But the sensible reallocation will need major allocation towards education, health, hunger, sanitation, etc.


The significance of education is very clear. Education invokes thoughts, creates understanding & develops the sense of tolerance and understanding among faiths, religions, castes, creeds, nations & cultures. Understanding itself is the key to brotherhood. Mere faculty of understanding is a way to wisdom. Faculty of differentiating between wrong - right, high - low, good - bad results in sensible citizen at world level.

We have seen even highly technical and learned people falling prey to terrorism. But suppose if world is united then there will be no need or no cause for wars or attacks. Right now millions of children are being exploited as child labour, scores of girls die even before seeing rays of sun, scores of youngsters are lured by promises of easy money, which lead them to crimes. If all the children are given equal opportunity to study & get equal opportunity to pursue the career of their choice, then the heaven on earth will be created by us.


When we talk about health & sanitation, on one side we are aware about the condition of state hospitals, on the other side private hospitals are so expensive that 90% of population cannot even dream of going to them for their treatments. In India every 7 minutes one pregnant woman dies for want of proper treatment or malnutrition, every 5 seconds one child dies on earth with the same reason. We can also see specific diseases such as kidney problems rampant in particular area & in the same way heart, lungs, liver, eyes, are affected because of peculiar environmental condition of particular area. If the proper allocation of funds & proper utilization of resources, for the purpose it is meant, is done then it can bring wonderful improvement in the health scenario.

Not only India but the richest countries of United States of America or European Union, Italy, Singapore constitute a fair share of beggars. Housing facilities are inadequate, scores of people live in inhabitable surroundings, sanitation is very poor giving rise to epidemics of malaria, jaundice, gastronomical problems & people die in hordes.


Day by day the problems of scarcity of energy have been increasing. A day will come when only few people will be able to afford electricity. The forms of renewable energy are to be invented & those invented are to be made very-very effective, for example the use of solar energy, abundant source of never dying energy. The constant research & developments to accomplish this intention & proper allocation of funds for hiring well expert technicians will definitely bring the desired upshots.

Another urgent attention needing area is of fuel. Traditional sources of fuel are becoming scarce. All the fuel producing countries are keeping the world on tenterhooks. If world is united, those resources will be available to the entire world. But again, the fuel resources are getting scarce, there is stringent need to find out alternative sources of fuel and use them effectively. For that matter, the scientists who will be diverted from R & D institutions of defense purposes can be used for uplifting of the society by adding alternative sources of fuel to the world.


In short, our aim is to enhance thought process of people and widen their vision globally & create unity on the intercultural basis.

Technology has already opened up the borders for the Global Unity. The world already has become Global village on the virtual front. Education & professional exchange have already been instrumental in creating world citizens.

Free exchange of ideas & opinions is obligation & necessary process of open society, academic exchanges & internationalizing the talent is must to grow towards the boundary less world.

We have to invest resources in the intelligence of human mind. That is the best investment anybody can make, as per Sanskrit subhashit (a couplet), Rishi says, “Wisdom is your property.” Nobody can take away your wisdom that you have in your mind and it can’t be stolen, it can’t be divided among brothers, no king can levy any taxes & take away the wisdom. The wealth so said, increases day & night, let us inculcate that wisdom in our minds & be dedicated to attain the boundary less world.